Monday, March 4, 2013

Marian Yap Wins Spirit of Winter Art Competition

Marian Yap has won the Spirit of Winter International Art Competition sponsored by Art Quench Gallery.  Her mixed media painting, SHIMO - Frost, was the winning piece.  Juror Monica Hicks says"...I am in awe of how flat, and yet meaningful, the creases and layering of this material is. I find the monochrome layers of paper, consciously divided into planes and speaking certainly of the spirit of winter, to be an effective use of material and a well done exercise in restraint."
Marian says, "The painting of SHIMO -Frost began as a representation of winter.  As I worked on it I was able to convey a feeling of the cold and how the heavy frost or snow of winter envelopes the landscape to where only some remnants of life are visible.  I wanted the minimalism of the painting to prevail and I hope that I have succeeded in doing so."
Marian's work will be represented on the online gallery

                                                                         SHIMO - Frost

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